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These products can be many and varied coming from Hazel and Sweet Chestnut coppiced woodland. Each wood type has its own characteristics enabling a wide variety of uses, some traditional, such as Hazel hurdles, thatching spars and gads, to name but a few, others uses only limited by your vision and inspiration. These wood species lend themselves to traditional green woodworking practices, with chestnut, in particular, capable of lasting for 25 years outside, without preservation treatment.

Coppicing and associated coppice men have been in existence for over 4000 years. A long discovered wood production system that needs re-discovering as a viable industry in today's world, because as our ancestors knew :- it was sustainable, highly productive. In addition it  benefits the environment, and boosts biodiversity,  whilst producing useful, carbon neutral products.

I work Hazel coppice in Nottinghamshire, close to the Lincolnshire border so products are Hazel orientated.

Products will change and evolve, with time and season, so the list will grow over time. Feel free to visit , check out the changes, and if you want, contact me with any idea's of your own you would like to see take shape.

I believe that coppice products should be for the area local to the woodland itself, and the range driven by local needs. In this spirit i will deliver free of charge locally - within 10 miles of Gainsborough (DN21)


If you are from outside my primary region of Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire (UK) still feel free to contact me to discuss your needs, as I will try to connect you with craftsman local to you, who may be able to assist you.

Coppice men hate waste and as a consequence utilise as much of the wood as possible, you will see as you view the product descriptions that the majority of the plants biomass is used. However what is not so obvious is that material, not utilised and left in the woods as 'waste' is collected together to act as an insect/detritus feeders haven.

Details of current products and prices can be found on the following page links:-

Hazel Products.

Sweet Chestnut Products.

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