Coppicing and Related Video's


An ancient system of woodland management that coal and fossil fuels replaced as a prime energy source. It, and its products, still have a place in our modern world. This section I hope will help keep the skill alive and kicking. 


Intro Into Coppicing 



A Coppice Workshop at Little Hidden Farm  


 ToneWrench on Coppicing


Myself on Threading Out cut Hazel Prior to Processing.



 Ted Green on Pollarding 


 Pimps, Faggots and Benders 


Making Chestnut Paling


Making a Trug (Basket) 

This, although specifically about making a trug, shows the process of cleaving (splitting) the wood using a cleaving brake. 

Stuart King Making A traditional English Rake

This, like the Trugs, is a potential coppice product and a worthy craft to retain.

Grey Squirrel Damage

These cute furry animals, often referred to as tree rats are non-native to the UK and are a serious pest (alongside Deer) to coppice workers.

Grey Squirrel Control


Uk MP John Hayes On The Importance of Retaining Traditional Crafts  






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