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  Essentials of Ecology By:- Begon Harper & Townsend. An introduction to Ecology that is both inspiring and interesting to read. A continual point of reference

   Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems. By:- Begon Harper & Townsend This book very comprehensive, exploring all major ecological concepts in great detail.

   Ecological Methods By:- Southwood & Henderson. "The Ecologists Bible". An in depth synthesis of the methods and techniques available for the study of populations and ecosystems.

   Rocky Shores. By:- Hawkins & Jones. Full of information and easy to read - a must for any rock pool enthusiasts. 

  Practical Methods In Ecology By:- PA Henderson - An ideal field ecology book - based on Southwood's book above, but more user friendly. 

   A Primer Of Conservation Biology By:- Richard B Primack. This book is a "quick" field guide to the major concepts and problems faced in conservation biology.

    Applied Biology and Natural Resource Management By:- McPherson & DeStefano. A good attempt at bridging the gap between ecological theory and practical habitat management.

   Ecological Risk Assessment By:- Glenn W. Suter II. Primarily to do with effects of toxins on non-human biota. Primarily aimed at environmental toxicologists/chemists. Very informative, but hard going if not a chemist.

  Nature Via Nurture  By:- Matt Ridley. A slight deviation in that this is on the human genome and how influential are environmental factors. Re-visits this debate in an informative and challenging manner.

  Biology  By Campbell and Reece. A general Biology text aimed at graduates, but it is very informative, has masses of information, and is a good read - one of the best biology books ever written. How often we forget some of the basics of the biological systems we are trying to understand.


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