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American Eels Habitat Assessment


 A Habitat Video Assessment  by EonFusion

Although this is marketing a software product - it offers an amazing way of visually conceptualising a habitat in 4D - Hence its posting on this site. 

The River Project


Chris Anderson of The River Project dives in the Pier 42 piling field at Leroy St. in Manhattan. He is doing a biodiversity and habitat assessment of the area and checking piling integrity for supporting the weight of a solar-powered fish-attracting device. UNEXPECTEDLY he found 15-20 LIVE OYSTERS congregating on the substrate in about 3 square meters! The dive was an hour long at high slack tide and visibility went from 24 inches at the beginning to 12 inches at the end of the dive. Current increased as well.


A Seminar with Taylor Ricketts: "Putting Ecosystem Services on the Map" 


An interesting seminar by Taylor Ricketts Ph.D - Director of the Conservation Science Program for the WWF


 Ecology Interactions Unit Part I , II & III of III

Here are three videos as a bit of Fun for all ages and a reminder of what many of us may have forgotten.








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