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Photography Tips


This section will develope over time, but thanks go out to Dan at Cheapshooters for this initial collection of video tips.

Shutter Speed and Aperture 


A good overview to the fundamentals of photography - shutter speed and aperture. Talks about several important concepts, like the relationship between lens length and camera shake at various shutter speeds.

Depth Of Field


Sheldon Muller of Total Image Magazine shows his photography tips on using depth-of-field to enhance the composition of an image. Great examples of strong photography make this video a winner.


This video is unique in that it offers a strong theoretical background of how exposure works beyond just giving photography tips. 

White Balance and More 

A little dated, but there’s a lot of photography tips for white balance in this video. The narrator does a good job explaining how light sources affect the coloring of an image and shows more advanced techniques like setting white balance on a digital camera by using a neutral object. 

How to Read Your Histogram 

One of the best photography tips that people are unaware of is the histogram feature on digital cameras. This video offers a good guide as to how histograms are used to check the exposure of a digital photograph 

Introduction to Macro Photography 

Photographer Ruben Dario Cruz uses Central Park as the setting for a great video offering a lot of photography tips on macro photography. 

Taking Infrared Images with a Digital Camera

Despite camera manufacturers’ best efforts, many digital cameras are capable of passable infrared photography. This video will show you how. 

Lighting for Digital Motion Pictures 

There aren’t as many photography tips in this video as there are in others. Instead, it’s an interview with photographer Rick Lord that gives you insight into how he approaches a shoot and sculpt his photographs. It’s a great way to get inside the head of someone who has produced a lot of really cool photos, many of which are on display in the video 

Tips for Users of Adobe Lightroom




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