Sweet Chestnut


Sustainable Sweet Chestnut Picket Fence Front View

Sweet Chestnut is a local coppice product that is not only sustainable and in keeping with the woodland it is being used to enclose, but has a life of 25 years without the need of chemical preservatives.

There is no greater satisfaction than harvesting your material in the course of managing the Chestnut coppice, and then creating something from it!

Sweet Chestnut Picket Fence Rear View

The wood is naturally split (not sawn) which means it retains its integral strength and natural beauty - at one with the environment it now is a part of.

Chestnut has a wide variety of uses only bound by the imagination of the coppiceman and their clients vision.

It is suitable for a variety of fencing uses:- post and rail, palings, and river bank support to mention just a few.

I have relocated and primarily coppice Hazel at present as there is little Sweet Chestnut where I now live. However I have recently come across a source close to me and still have contacts coppicing Sweet Chestnut in Hampshire. If chestnut is required, I can get it, and know how to use it.

If this little bit of information intrigues you and want to know more feel free to contact us.


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