The Environment

Book Reviews

The legislation and politics of this section mean that literature is often out of date as its printed, so use the book links, but check for the most up to date versions.



  Environmental Science By:- C Tyler Miller. An all encompassing text that makes a complex situation more understandable. A very good read with links to more digital media information that will keep you busy for years.

   Environmental Economics By:- Turner, Pearce and Bateman . This is an elementary introduction to a complex, often neglected, aspect of the environmental conundrum. A must read as an aid to grasping the whole picture.

  Introduction To EIA By:- Glasson Therivel & Chadwick (3rd Ed.). I have used the 2nd Ed. as a basis and a lead on to other sources of EIA information. A must as at least the starter book for all those involved in EIA.

  Methods of EIA Edited by:- Morris and Therivel (£rd Ed.). A sound review of modern methods in clear and concise language

  Strategic Environmental Assessment In Action By:- Therivel. This is included for completeness as SEA is increasingly used as a policy creation tool. I have not read this book as SEA is not part of my working remit, but his other books have been good.


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